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Preventive Services

The strong and serious connection between overall health and dental health has been demonstrated in many studies in recent years. We are dedicated to giving you the knowledge and tools necessary for you to take care of yourself. We will teach you how to maintain good oral hygiene in order to prevent tooth decay and gum disease, as well as the systemic spread of infection.

Periodic dental cleanings (dental prophylaxis) are necessary to maintain the health of your teeth and oral tissues and to monitor the status of the bone and periodontal fibers that hold your teeth in place. These regular treatments will greatly improve your oral health and may prevent more costly and involved treatment. They will help your immune system, reduce bad breath, and improve your self esteem and confidence.

Diabetics have an increased vulnerability to oral infections and benefit greatly form close monitoring of these structures.

The use of night-guards and bite-plate appliances as well as sports mouth guards are valuable aids in preventing complicated and expensive dental problems. Appliances are also available which may help prevent headaches.

Sports Mouthguards

According to the American Dental Association, more than 200,000 oral injuries are prevented annually in this country by sports mouthguards. In fact, dental injuries are the most common type of orofacial injury sustained during participation in sports.

West Side Dentist Dr. Hurwitz provides Manhattan 10023 with custom sports mouthguards West Side Dentist Dr. Hurwitz wants Manhattan 10023 to wear custom sports mouthguards West Side Dentist Dr. Hurwitz has unique mouthguards for Manhattan 10023 West Side Dentist Dr. Hurwitz can fit Manhattan 10023 with custom sports mouthguards West Side Dentist Dr. Hurwitz has all sizes of sports mouthguards Manhattan 10023