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For Healthcare Professionals

We believe that optimal dental care is enhanced by close collaboration with the patient, family members and other professionals. Our goal is to provide caring, skillful and comprehensive care to patients of all ages, from adolescents to the elderly.

Why is dental care so important for older adults?

The relationship between oral health and systemic health is well documented. Oral health has a significant impact on overall health and vis versa. Periodontal infections and tooth decay can contribute to systemic illnesses such as heart disease, pulmonary disease, diabetes, hypertension and stroke; and the risks of these complications, particularly with frail or compromised patients, are minimized by early intervention.

Good dental care and dental hygiene can help avoid more serious problems.  Broken or missing teeth and ill fitting dentures can be a source of discomfort or pain. They can impair the ability to eat and contribute to malnutrition and impaired speech. Unsightly dental conditions and the inability to speak properly contribute to poor self esteem and social withdrawal.

The incidence of chronic illnesses increases with age, as does the need for multiple medications. Many of these medications result in debilitating dental problems such as dry mouth and tooth decay.

The incidence of oral cancer also increases with age. Annual oral examinations are important, particularly for smokers and those over 50 years of age. An important statistic to note is that 25% of oral cancer victims do not use tobacco or alcohol and have no other lifestyle risk factors.

 Treatment success for oral cancers can be high, with early intervention. In fact, recent statistics published by the American Cancer Society indicate that while the incidence and death rates for cancers overall has decreased, the incidence of oral cancer has increased by 5.5% and the death rate has increased by 1.5%. Oral cancer is far too often discovered in late stage development, the primary reason for the consistently high death rate. Early detection and diagnosis can make a tremendous difference.

We utilize the advanced technology of the Vizilite Plus oral cancer detection system, which improves the ability to visualize mucosal lesions and initially identify clinically suspicious lesions. It is comprised of a chemiluminescent light source (ViziLite) to improve the identification of lesions and a blue phenothiazine dye to mark those lesions identified by ViziLite.