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Cosmetic Services

Your Smile Speaks for You. What do you want it to say?

The first thing most people notice about you is your smile. It's a prominent factor in how people read you and it affects how you feel about yourself. Self image, confidence and communication are tightly interconnected with your appearance and the physical cues you project.  Click here to view cosmetic imaging photos.

Fortunately, we are in an age where dentistry can help you achieve the look you want and you can feel more attractive, more confident and happier.

We offer a wide range of cosmetic dental services, ranging from modest cosmetic changes to makeovers and some say even miracles. Old broken teeth with worn or fractured metal fillings can be replaced with new bright tooth colored fillings or all ceramic inlays or crowns. Porcelain veneers offer the combination of fast, conservative treatment and long lasting sparkling beauty, in many situations, even as an alternative to orthodontic treatment.

Missing teeth can be replaced with permanent bridgework or many times even preferably with dental implants. These restorations can be made with porcelain and metal or in many cases with new and truly beautiful all ceramic materials.

Denture wearers can equally achieve a more beautiful and natural smile, employing the latest cosmetic materials Implants can make these prostheses stable, comfortable and more lifelike.

Smile Design cosmetic digital imaging will enable you to see what you might look like with cosmetic changes before committing to any treatment or financial obligation. A great way to "look before you leap"!

Professional Tooth Whitening is often a comfortable, efficient and safe first step toward obtaining your cosmetic goal. Frequently, whitening (bleaching) will create a rapid change in brightness to satisfy your needs, immediately. We offer both Zoom Advanced Power in office whitening as well as several take home whitening kits, customized to your needs.

Call us NOW to discuss how you can obtain the dentistry you want and need!