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For Seniors

We understand that dental issues facing seniors can be complex. Health problems and medications may complicate treatment choices and financial concerns may also add stress to the decision making process.

The good news is that we are living much longer than ever before, but even high quality dentistry doesn’t last forever. Dentistry needs to be maintained and teeth that are lost must be replaced for the mouth to function properly.

Our goal is to provide caring, skillful and comprehensive dentistry to help you achieve the improved oral health and dentistry you deserve in an affordable and safe environment. Your care can be painless with more youthful and beautiful results. Our well-trained carefully selected staff is dedicated to your comfort and successful treatment.

In our office, any time is the right time to ask a question. We will help you develop a treatment plan that is affordable for you and which will deliver the comfort and esthetics you desire. Financing is available to help you achieve your goals.

We offer a full range of dental services including implant bridges and crowns, veneers, ceramic tooth colored restorations, whitening, dentures and even complete makeovers. We offer cosmetic digital imaging, to permit you to “look before you leap”. You can see what you the cosmetic changes would look like before you commit to any procedure or expense.

We believe that good dental care is enhanced by a team approach. With your consent, we will discuss your treatment with your physician. In addition, we would be happy to discuss or explain your treatment with your family or other health care professional, so that you can feel comfortable and secure with your choices.