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Adjunctive Services

We are always looking for new ways to make your experience in our office comfortable, rewarding, successful and safe. To that end, we employ techniques, equipment and well trained staff, to make the treatment more pleasant, more efficient and more affordable.

Nitrous Oxide Analgesia
Nitrous Oxide is a gas that can be used to help you relax and distract you from the experience of dental procedures. We monitor you closely to insure your safety and your analgesia.

Intraoral Camera
We use cameras extensively to record, evaluate, diagnose and design your dental treatment. We record before and after photos and utilize the images for cosmetic imaging or previews.

Cosmetic Previews
Smile Design cosmetic digital imaging will enable you to see what you might look like with cosmetic changes before committing to any treatment or financial obligation. A great way to "look before you leap"!

Desensitizing for Sensitive Teeth

One of the most annoying minor tooth maladies is cervical tooth sensitivity (sensitivity at the gum line or neck of the tooth). Cold beverages, ice cream even air can be difficult to tolerate if you have this problem. It can result from gingival recession, tooth abrasion or normal wear. There are many treatments for this type of sensitivity ranging from specialized toothpaste, intensive fluoride applications to new dental restorations.

A simple, fast and inexpensive solution can be obtained by the application of dental bonding resins to seal the offending tooth surfaces. If you suffer from these symptoms, call us and inquire how we can help you.

Oral Cancer Screening
This office is dedicated to your well being and to that end we employ a new, state of the art oral cancer screening tool. The "Vizilite Plus" oral cancer screening system helps to identify possible lesions that cannot be seen easily with the naked eye. Yearly examinations of this type can keep you safe and provide peace of mind.

Infection Control
Our office is OSHA compliant, and follows the same OSHA sterilization recommendations for hospitals.